Snag Lists

Building Societies, banks and solicitors recommend that you have your property snagged before you move in.
At Beraco Paudie can perform comprehensive inspections of residential and commercial properties.
Whether your property is an investment or a family home, it should be snagged.
Paudie will perform a thorough inspection of your home which will highlight any faults, defects and incomplete building work that can be remedied before you buy your house.
Buying a house is one of the biggest investments of your life. By snagging, you have the assurance that such an investment has proven to date to be both safe and wise over the long term.
All findings in from the inspection will be available in an easy to understand report.
It is important that you have your property snagged property before your builder leaves your site forever. it is recommended that you have the snag list completed before payment is finalised and before you move in to your new home.
The list of snags serves as a recording of any defects and will inform you of any incomplete work which could lead to unexpected costs down the line.

To organise an inspection of a property you’re interested in, get in contact with Beraco today.